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My name is Kara and I have been an advocate for victims of grief for 20 years. I know that when grief comes into our lives we are often confused about how we begin to navigate these challenging times. We are faced with loss that can uproot our daily routines and quickly erode our health and well-being. Without good support the grief process can lead to instability. However, given the right guidance and tools grief can be a catalyst that changes our lives and may even illuminate new meaning with hope.

I am here to guide those who are grieving and help them find meaning through their personal unique loss.


I have an online Meetup group that meets weekly and I also work with individuals one on one. I am located in Denver Colorado.

You can email me at or go to the Meetup 

Group called Guidance Through Grief to get more information.

In the end, we do not grieve on our own nor do we make meaning about death in isolation We do it in communities and in relationships with others"... (Valentine) 2006

  Guidance Through Grief


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