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Finding Your Sacred Sign

Sacred Signs and Symbols

Growing up in Colorado being a free spirit came naturally to me. I spent as much time as I could outside and the majority of that time in the mountains. As a "free spirit I also had some hard knocks and ended up changing my life's path in my early thirties. As I navigated 12 step programs and headed back to my roots of what a "higher power" was instantly the symbolism of the cross brought in new meaning for me. Especially while traveling and visiting cathedrals and churches throughout the world. I would often feel a connection with the cross displayed in uniques and in various ways that all seemed to have their own interpretation. There were times I could embrace an ancient yearning to be aligned with all the different interpretations.

The cross was the first religious or spiritual symbol that I identified with as a young girl growing up in Denver and the peace sign was the other symbol that I felt a passionate connection to while witnessing the Vietnam War as a young girl. Yet, as I grew into my forties and fifties my experiences were becoming more spiritual with religious notations and symbols and signs would take on a whole new meaning and soon guide me specifically with daily direction and change.

In 2013 I enhanced my Christian beliefs by plunging into new information that took me into a journey that indulged and allowed me to explore, illuminate and awaken a newly found spiritual curiosity. I was eager to have some answers about my soul's essence and experience more beyond what was in my church.

As I began to broaden my scope of spirituality, I started to read books, take classes and go to workshops. One of those books that boosted my curiosity and spiritual awakening was a book by Adrian Calabrese Ph.D. called Sacred Signs. This book became an insightful reference for finding one's own universal and sacred signs. I was given the outline to find what I needed to further my soul's journey as well as how to recognize my path using sacred signs

While reading the beginning chapters of Sacred Signs the spiritual connection that I was trying to define took a dramatic turn almost immediately while reading the book. I had started reading the book while traveling with my mom. We had set sail out to Northern America, specifically Nova Scotia and Canada. During this time of travel through this beautiful hearty landscape, I started to name and allocate specific sacred signs for myself and it wasn't long before the miracles and guidance happened.

It was on a crisp fall morning that I had done what the author had suggested and I began to write down and name sacred signs in my journal.I had decided one of the signs for me was going to be the song "Here Comes The Sun" by George Harrison

The reason I had decided to make this song one of my signs was because of a very significant experience that happened to me 20 years prior. This song became spiritually significant form me in my early thirties, and since this experience I have known that whenever I hear this song it is attached to love and my connection to a higher power, or God. So I knew while reading Adrian's book that this would be the first sign I would claim and acknowledge to myself. I designated this song right away and wrote in my journal the morning of October 9th, 2013, "Here Comes The Sun" it was officially a loving sign or symbol for me personally, and when I heard this song I would know that my soul was on the path it needed to be on.

As my mom and I set out to tour Quebec Canada with tourist maps in our hands we were both excited to go see the sights and we began our brisk walk into the morning fog that had a started to break at the top of the town.

We began our assent up a narrow cobblestone pathway then started to climb to the top of a stairway, there at the top of the stairs was a miracle. There I saw the sweetest angelic man that I had ever seen. He was playing his guitar beautifully and I literally feel to my knees and started to weep when I could hear him playing "Here Comes The Sun"

I was paralyzed, I really did not want to move I wanted that moment to freeze in time. He was an angel to me. My heart could not hold the love that was coming from his guitar. So as this feeling began to overwhelm me and I struggled to pull myself together, the tears wouldn't stop. People were walking by curious about my demeanor. The way I can describe it best is that it was truly ethereal. My mom was a little thrown by my behavior and she was trying to help me pull it together.

I wanted to finish the song and stay all day but I knew we couldn’t so I picked myself up and continued with the sightseeing I will forever be moved by this experience and it has taught me how quickly we can name and manifest something when we want to. There is a beautiful spiritual choreography working in our universe waiting to show us that we are being guided if we can open up to it. We just need to be open to receiving it.

It does not matter how or the way you claim your sacred signs or symbols and on that day October 9, 2013, my outlook and journey for my soul's path has been more clearly aligned through this experience. I am now more able to listen, watch, pray and observe as to how I am guided forward on my soul's path. All of us are connected and we can help each other find our path using prayer, questions and sacred signs. It is in this connection and the spiritual connections that love and guidance comes through showing us the blessings of this life if we so choose to be open to see them. My hope is that all of us can find these special gifts that are here and when we get lonely or lost, we can seek answers through God and the messengers that guide us with blessings and “Sacred Signs. I don't know Adrian Calabrese but I am thankful, as she has been one of many amazing teachers that have guided me on this journey.

May you find the signs you are looking for…… and may you always feel the love they are intended to bring.

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