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Expect a Miracle

Expect a Miracle

Tis the season of joy love and yes even expectations, but how can we make it the season of miracles? During this time of year I can either feel blessed with joy or find myself headed into a rapid tail-spin in a moments notice. So after fifty-five years of swinging on the pendulum of emotions through Christmas, I have found something to remember and hold close to my red velvet heart. I have discovered there are undetected miracles that are awaiting our every day acknowledgement. It seems that when I slow down my daily rhythms and remind myself to stay in the moment, miracles are more likely to reveal their loveliness.

I once had a key chain that was inscribed with “ Expect a Miracle”. When I would read this I instantly shifted my belief system and opened my self up to receiving a miracle or at minimum, a good experience. This thought or mindset would then began to open up my consciousness for receiving the miracle or the blessing. In order to receive a miracle, or experience a miracle, one must have the belief and receptiveness that a miracle is on the way. The Law of Attraction basically suggests that we create and become that which we bring into our awareness, whether it is our thoughts, our words or our prayers. Our vibrational energy will expand into our lives thus attracting what we are focusing on.

When Christmas and the holidays come around I have observed humanity maintain many emotions sometimes all in a small time frame including humor, sadness, greed, joy and the highest form of love. It seems that miracles begin to flow out of goodness, love and generosity. I don’t know if there are more miracles during the holidays (?), or if it is because more people seem to be in the giving spirit. But whatever the reason I have noticed more love seems to flow through us when we are joined together with a common purpose. With open hearts and loving spirits we are guided to love others with a magnificent reflection of God. This is how miracles are formed and how we become more abundant.

A few days ago I pulled out a black purse and I found a reminder of a simple miracle I experienced last Christmas. I opened my purse to find a candy cane that a homeless woman gave me as I walked out of a grocery store. Pulling the candy cane out my heart felt the unexpected miracle it represented. The interaction the woman and I had was exactly what I needed on that cold December evening. You see there was something unique about this particular disheveled woman standing outside of the store. During this moment of my rushing around hurried mentality she was a calming prescence for me to bump into. At first glance I assumed she was going to ask me for money, but, she didn’t and I didn’t offer, so as I began to walk away from her she said (in the most peaceful voice) “Would you like a candy cane?” I said “okay” We made eye contact, smiled and I took the candy cane. As I walked away my pesimistic thought was, is she was going to ask me for money? She never did, she just kept a heartfelt smile on her face and her whole demeanor remained calm and soft. As I got further away from her she said, “I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.” Her kindness was memorable and contagious.

Fast forward one year later I am holding the candy cane in my hand and I now know why I kept it. It wasn’t what the woman said to me that December night that resonated as a blessing or a miracle,it was her spirit and her sincerity. There she was standing out in the cold handing out candy canes with warmth in her soul and kindness on her face. She had found meaning in this moment. This was her purpose for that night, JOY pure and simple JOY. As I slowed down to remember my experience with her, I am once again reminded to be fully present and find my joy during the holiday season. You never know who will be your Tiny Tim, your guiding angel, your Christmas light or your unexpected miracle. We can all radiate the light that she had inside of her. Holding this candy cane a year later I know it is a true blessing to open my heart up for the unexpected miracle or even better............. “Expect a Miracle”

May your season shine with the brightest of miracles.

Love and Grace…


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